KORE Image Generator

Don’t give up quality to gain performance…use KORE IG solutions.

Designed from the ground up to maximize performance and lifecycle, MES created the KORE IG product line leveraging internally developed and proven image generation technology with the end user in mind. A great benefi t of KORE IG is the ease of installation and maintenance – simply plug it into an existing network and begin working almost immediately, with little to no configuration.

To ensure only the required resources are used to run a stable and fast IG, MES conducted careful analysis of all components of the IG software, hardware, operating system, and interfaces. Finally, KORE IG was designed by MES as an Optimal Integrated Architecture that draws images very fast, every time, and all the time.

To eliminate risk, and ensure success, KORE IG Turnkey Solutions are tailored to each project’s specifi cations and requirements.

KORE Hardware

  • Extreme Plus: Ultra-High-End for the ultimate in multiple applications
  • Extreme: High-End for most demanding applications
  • Workstation: Combining High Performance and Superior Visual Quality at lower cost
  • On-the-Go: Mobile for applications that demand performance on-the-go.

KORE Software

  • KORE OS: Optimized, Embedded, and IA Compliant
  • KORE Master: Image Generator Controller
  • KORE Mission: Mission Functions Controller
  • KORE Renderer: High Fidelity Scenegraph
  • KORE Content: Databases and Models
  • KORE Components: OS Tools and Utilities



  • Ground level textures
  • High-Fidelity databases
  • Cultural features & models
  • Optimized trees, and grass
  • Shadows & self-shadows
  • Model animation
  • Night vision simulation
  • Effects

  • 3D ocean
  • Water reflection
  • Wave height based on the Beaufort scale
  • Surf zones
  • Shallow water
  • Ocean occlusion
  • Buoyancy
  • Bow, stern, and hull wakes
  • Low light level camera


  • Page-able terrain
  • Multi-LOD cultural features
  • High frame rate
  • Rotor wash effects
  • Realistic 3D clouds
  • Worldwide database
  • NVIDIA graphics and sync cards
  • CDB based databases
  • Cloud shadows
  • Advanced sensor simulation
  • CIGI, DIS, & HLA