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TC-12B Flight Simulators
MES has provided two King Air 200 (C-12) simulators to the U.S. Navy for pilot training. These simulators are Level 6 FTDs with a 180° x 40° Field of View visual system, 3 axis control loading, GPS, seat shaker and aural cue system


UH-60 Cockpit Procedures Trainer (CPT)



MES performed systems integration, assembly and developed engineering drawings under subcontract for the UH-60 CPT. The fully functional cockpit includes control loading and aural cue systems. In addition, the simulator utilizes 5 COTS X86 processors and an Ada operating system to support a training system, which is responsive to pilot, copilot and instructor functions and inputs  




MES designed and fabricated part task trainers for the Joint Primary Aircraft Training System (JPATS) Program. The trainers simulate the aircraft cockpit and designated controls for ejection seat and egress procedures training. The trainers consist of a Base frame Assembly, Cockpit Shell, Internal Cockpit Structures, Rudder Pedals, Control Stick, Ejection Seat, Canopy, Wing Stub and Instructor Control Panel. These trainers represent a cost effective approach to training by providing alternative assets for specific procedures training that would otherwise require the actual aircraft.
F-14A Aircrew Trainer Improvement Program

As a subcontractor MES has provided hardware engineering and quality assurance for the F-14A Mission Trainer (MT) (Device 15C9A) and the Operational Flight Trainers (OPT) (Device 2F95) Service Life Extension Program (SLEP). This program includes the rehost of firmware supporting the MT radar cluster GPIOM’s modernization of OFT and MT components containing non-supportable parts.

C-130 MTD
    MES was a subcontractor for the U.S. Air Force, C-130 Program. This contract consisted of two landing gear maintenance-training devices (MTD). Each trainer consists of the cockpit section of the C-130 aircraft including the nose landing gear system, a section of the C-130 fuselage containing the left main landing gear system, and an instructor operator station.  
MES modified 9H1 and 9H1B helicopter rescue hoist trainers located in NAS Jacksonville & NAS Miramar. The modification consisted of electrical plumbing and fabrication of winch table, rollers, and cables.
MES disassembled Device 2F90A simulator at NAS Meridian, MS and reinstalled and tested the device at NAS Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico.  
    Device 9A9 is a synthetic trainer that includes equipment similar to that equipment found in aircraft necessary to sustain personnel in a rarified atmosphere. The device includes a main chamber, an intermediate lock, an observer lock, and controls which permit the instructors to subject the students to high altitude conditions and rapid-decompression. MES made electrical modifications to the device.  

    MES was awarded a U.S. Navy contract for the relocation and modification of Aviation Water Survival Training Devices 9D5B, 9F2A, and 9H1.  
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